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Sheryl L. Raetz

Sheryl L. Raetz

Compliance and Financial Professional Relationship Director

After working with the firm since 1996, Sheryl Raetz is a master at behind-the-scenes magic. “My best days are when I’ve been able to solve a problem for a financial planner or client before they even realize there was an issue. And after 25 years of being in this industry, I’m either able to answer your question and solve your problem immediately or I know exactly where to go to find the answer.”

Raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, Sheryl studied at Stanford (BS Biology) and UCLA (Masters Anatomy & Cell Biology, Candidate of Philosophy Anatomy & Cell Biology) before settling in Stevenson Ranch, CA where she holds a season pass for Magic Mountain, located just 10 minutes away. She also enjoys traveling, hiking with her father and brother in South Dakota, and live theater. This light-hearted lifestyle is the perfect balance to working in compliance: “Most financial planners consider ‘compliance’ the ‘no’ department, but I constantly strive to provide a positive answer for the planner or the client.”

When it comes to the future of Pilot Financial, Sheryl’s vision is clear. “I want us to be the premier service provider for our affiliated financial planners including creating opportunities for FP practice growth through ease of business processing, marketing and business succession opportunities, as well as understanding and complying with firm and regulators’ policies and procedures.”