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It is not the ship so much as the skilled sailing that assures the prosperous voyage”
-George William Curtis

Structuring Your Practice – Business Operations and Setup

Monitor and Maintain Compliance Requirements

  • Monitor, notify and communicate any deficiencies
  • Perform annual branch visits ensuring all processes and procedures are compliant, are in conformance and up to date
  • Keep representatives informed with frequent compliance communications

Problem Resolution Assistance

  • Compliance, Operations and Trading
  • Just-in-time Support – response and sense of urgency is quick and cooperative because of LFSC relationship

Access to Multiple Fee-based Clearing Platforms offered through LFSC

  • Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade
  • Ability to manage custody fee-based assets
  • Access to third party independent asset managers through LFSC as a Corporate RIA or through an Independent RIA

Office Administrative Support and Training

  • Support ranges from training to actual input of data, as well as performance of back-office functions
  • Help with hiring and training administrative staff to understand the processes and procedures required to transact business

Paperless Branch and Client Records System

  • Cut paperwork, overhead and wasted hours using a web-based paperless program providing greater productivity and efficiencies
  • Facilitates New Account approvals faster
  • Efficient audit procedures without the hassle of filing cabinets

New Office Setup

  • Office setup assistance as well as help with obtaining and negotiating leased space
  • Help with access to discounts for business technology and hardware

Managing Your Practice – Strategic Business Planning

Administrative and Transition Assistance

  • Leverage the convenience of LaserApp, our automated forms solution
  • Create client paperwork needed to initiate the transfer of accounts, prior to affiliation date

Financial Transition Assistance

  • New Advisors who generate more than $100,000 GDC may be eligible for financial transition assistance
  • Expense sharing discounts are available for certain programs

Practice Management Coaching

  • Pilot and LFSC business development programs provide assistance with:
  • Maximizing the capacity of your practice
  • Creating a consistently positive client experience

Business Continuity Program

  • Assist with plans to sell your practice
  • Develop a business continuity plan to provide clients with a smooth transition in the event of your death or disability

Branding and Marketing

  • Ability to brand your practice individually or in association with Pilot
  • Leverage Pilot’s resources and services
  • Leverage the Lincoln Financial brand

Affiliation Options

  • Independent Contractor or W-2 Employee with benefits available
  • Location options
    Conduct business from your current location or establish a new one
    Utilize office space at Pilot Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina
    Access to offices locations with advisors in 78 locations spanning 42 states

Accelerating Your Practice – Business Growth Resources

Research and Resources for Designing and Implementing Client Proposals

  • Choose from several sources to assist in designing and implementing client proposals
    Morningstar®, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Research, Zack’s Investment ResearchVector Vest, Standard & Poor’s ®, Value Line and others
  • Pilot supports Naviplan (Financial Profiles), E-Money and a customized program for portfolio analysis and recommendations
  • Fee-based financial planning services also available

Joint Work and Orphan Account Opportunities

  • Network and share knowledge with other advisors whose scope of expertise is different than your own
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of Pilot’s deep talent pool
  • Opportunities to connect with Pilot’s inventory of life and securities customers seeking new relationships

Group Meetings for Continuing Education and Training

  • Frequent group meetings to draw synergies and share ideas with your peers
  • Educational seminars to stay up to date and earn continuing education credit
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You're in Good Hands

You're in Good Hands

Five Points that define Our Reliability.

  1. In depth resources for financial information
  2. A personal interest in your future success
  3. We help to reduce risk
  4. We help to protect your future dreams and goals
  5. Personal problem solving

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