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Cathy Sullivan

Cathy Sullivan

Advisor Services Specialist

After working in special education and with medical insurance claims, the financial industry was a new experience for Cathy Collins-Yanulavich when she joined the Pilot Financial team in 2015 – but it was an immediate fit. “I truly love helping others, whether it’s clients, financial professionals, or my coworkers. At the end of the day, knowing that I have helped someone in some way pleases me.”

Widowed in 2010, Cathy knows the importance of adjusting to change. While raising two children (her daughter is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont and her son is in the New Hampshire Army National Guard), her adaptability is something that has helped her in both her personal and professional life. Born in Montreal, Canada she graduated from the University of New York at Plattsburgh with a BA in English before moving several times and settling in New Hampshire where she enjoys hiking, reading, writing, and painting.

When asked how she helps clients reach their goals, Cathy had this to say: “I make sure to follow through on all my encounters with clients. Whether it’s a follow-up call, tracking a transaction, or anything else that comes across my desk, it’s my job to make sure that everything is taken care of on behalf of our clients.”