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Advisor Spotlight: Myra Slaybaugh

Advisor Spotlight: Myra Slaybaugh

July 30, 2021

Our Advisor Spotlight today is Myra Slaybaugh, MSM, CFP, CHFC, CLF. Myra officially began her financial career in 2006 after proudly serving in the US Army as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. Myra’s goal was to find a career that accepted the military spouse lifestyle since her husband was still serving. Myra initially thought being a financial professional would be something to try out for the time being and has ended up making this a career. Being a financial professional has allowed her to relocate, yet always have the stability of her job. She is also able to serve the honorable military community which she can relate to closely and build strong relationships. The military has moved Myra all around the globe, but during her career, military moves meant she has had to start and restart her business in Texas, then Georgia, and later back to Texas, which is where she successfully runs her practice today.

Myra’s practice focuses heavily on relationship building. She has embedded herself in her client’s lives so much so that she has clients from the beginnings of her career that have evolved into generational relationships with the families. Some of the young children that used to come in with their parents, are now thriving young professionals and clients in their own right. Myra carries her services to the next generation as a form of continuity not just for her business but for her client’s legacy planning. Myra most enjoys the deep relationships she builds with her clients. She feels satisfied in knowing the significant impact she has on her client’s lives as the actualize and manifest their goals and dreams.

When Myra is not helping her clients with their finances, she enjoys entrepreneurship. Being a financial professional has given her the ability to explore multiple entrepreneurial opportunities. She loves the leadership, mentorship, and coaching aspect that the field brings and building opportunities from the ground up. Myra is also a competitive power lifter with a passion for physical fitness. She finds it helps her to build endurance and strength that pushes her to do things she did not believe she could. This determination also flows into her business life, proving to herself that she can achieve her goals.