Advisor Spotlight: Meet Gary Ulrich Jr. CFP, a Financial Professional associated with Pilot Financial. Gary has been in the business since 2015 and is a Director at Financial House located in Centreville, Delaware. Gary attended the University of Delaware where he received his Bachelors in both Financial Planning and Economics. Gary was a key founder in the University’s Financial Planning Major. He worked diligently with the CFP Board throughout his college career and established the Financial Planning Bachelor’s degree at the University.
Gary’s persistence and determination are evident even in his younger years. As a child, Gary watched CBNC and was fascinated by the market. He took note of how different companies were able to guide individuals to make the best investment decisions for the client’s needs and wanted to be a part of this. His interests culminated in his college years when he decided that this was the path he needed to take.
Gary’s favorite part about his profession, is the rewarding feeling of helping to give his client’s a feeling of relief.  He is able to help his clients find a sense of confidence through his financial advice. Gary enjoys explaining the goals and processes he intends to take to help his client reach their goals.