Support Services We Offer

Support Services We Offer

“Never go into strange places on a falling tide without a pilot”
-Thomas Gibson Bowles

Support Services We Offer

The Pilot Lifeline
So you’ve called every contact you have, spent way too much time on the internet, faxed and re-faxed information, and you still haven’t been paid? Time to reach out for the Pilot Lifeline.

The Pilot Lifeline is designed to do one thing – make doing business easier. Our longstanding relationship with Lincoln Financial Group, and the fact that they are just 10 blocks down the street, put us in a unique position to resolve any issue fast and efficiently. No problem is too big or too small.

  • Navigate complex compensation situations
  • Resolve complicated underwriting cases
  • Provide crucial access within Lincoln’s underwriting and manufacturing operations
  • Advocate for cases on a face-to-face basis

Just-in-time Support

  • Quick and cooperative assistance right when you need it
  • Customizable to your needs, from problem resolution to full administrative duties
    • Data input and back-office functions
    • Hiring administrative staff
    • One-on-one staff training
    • Lincoln training programs

Affiliation Options

  • Independent Contractor or W-2 Employee with benefits available
  • Location options
    • Conduct business from your current location or establish a new one
    • Utilize office space at Pilot headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina
    • Access to existing offices with advisors in 78 locations spanning 42 states

Branding and Marketing

  • Ability to brand your practice individually or in association with Pilot
  • Leverage Pilot’s resources and services
  • Leverage the Lincoln Financial brand

Practice Management Coaching

  • Pilot and Lincoln business development programs provide assistance with:
    • Keeping representatives informed with frequent communications
    • Maximizing the capacity of your practice
    • Creating a consistently positive client experience

Group Meetings for Continuing Education and Training

  • Frequent group meetings to draw synergies and share ideas with your peers
  • Educational seminars to stay up to date and earn continuing education credit
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