Sabrina Wilkins

Sabrina Wilkins

Business Processing Specialist

Office: (336) 346-1778

After 16 years in the financial industry, Sabrina Wilkins has seen lots of changes – which is what makes her invaluable to the Pilot Financial team. “Teamwork is what makes everything run smoothly. I love training others and troubleshooting and helping others resolve issues.”

Fortunately for Pilot Financial, Sabrina is considered the wise one of her family. Born and raised in Arlington, VA, she currently lives in the southern part of the Lakes Region in New Hampshire where she loves to read, cook, play, and bake with her grandchildren and go for motorcycle rides with her husband of 23 years. 

As things in the financial industry continue to change, Sabrina is ready: “As we expand, I look forward to providing the expansive knowledge base I’ve acquired to future processes. I love that our team represents everyday people who trust their financial business is well taken care of.”